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Who is Right
All claim to be the Truth
Many call others wrong
  Worshipers of the Dark One
Do names matter
Or manner of practice
Or any of the small differences that separate them
All seek oneness
All seek the Divine
Each in our own way
But none
Can let the others be free to find it
But all shall find out
In the End
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To live
To Die
With mountains of gold and jewels
Or only your own two hands
Surrounded by those hungering for your death rattle
Or those hoping the beetle will subside
Both greatly rich
Only different fortunes
One of the mind
The other of substance
Who is to know
Whom is greater
Both go into the void
with Nothing
But their being
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Knowelege of a Woman
I seek knowelege
Not of that found in a classroom
Nor in books
But the knowelege of a woman
Unlike other men I dont only seek to know her body
Hardly at all
i seek mostly knowelege of her mind
And of her heart
To find that
Which makes her special
Makes her who she is
Which most men
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 2 0
The need
I feel the need
Not for wealth,
Nor love
Or any other mundane things people look for in life
The need I speak of is deeper
Somthing primal
I cant explain
Every where I look
I feel it
Never knowing what my desire is
But forever searching
Till I find what I need
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 1 0
They Live
To kill
To take life
Many call supreme evil
Many call justice
I have been killed
Many times over
Killed by one that I love
That once loved me
She fell from loves heights
I have yet to fall
To speak is one thing
Never will these feelings fade into shadow
Though I try
They live
Even with her help to destroy
They live
Never dwindling
Even in the slightest
They shall live
As long as this shell lives
So shall they
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
No choice
I must finish it
Or lose what little sanity that is left
The dark place where I am
I must take
No choice I have
If I do
Might plunge me deeper into the abyss
Or bring me to the light
But doing is harder than deciding
Many times I have tried
But not gone through
A force stops me
Grabs and holds me from it
I cannot hold my sanity much longer
Please force let loose
Or does my path lead me to insanity
Tell me I beg of you
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
To speak
People speak and don't understand
They move their mouths and let sound out
But they dont know about what they say
Blind to what the truth is
When those who do know speak
They are chastised and called fools
Because people in themselves are arrogent
And can't see past what they think they know
What they are taught
Going through life as though they really know what they know
Never seeing the truth in what is
Not welcoming what is fact
Only going by what is taught to them
Till the day comes that all will truely be revieled to all people
Then we shall all be ashamed that we wouldn't listen to those who know
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 2 0
Hold Fast
Hold fast to love
For it is a fragile thing
It can be lost in a moment
Never to be seen again
Hold fast the one that you love
For on the marrow thee may be gone
And your heart crushed
Which may never put be whole once more
Be true and honest
For TRUE love is thick skinned
And can take any pounding any can give
So hold fast
For love dosent happen on a whim
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Rest in Peace
Be your love true
Or not
If not leave me to lie in peace
And let my bed be my grave
For a life without you my love
Would be no better than death
Through all my life I shall wonder
Never to love another
As I you
So let your heart be true
And your love great
Or let me rest in peace
From now till all is ended
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Hers for all time
Home is where the heart is
If so
My home is a great distance away
And I don't return to it nearly enough
For my heart is with another
She thinks that she gave my love back to me
But I slipped it back to her secretly
She shall find it
All too soon
But it may be too late
And she may not give hers but mine to me
In peices it will be
And remain
Till deaths cold embrace takes this shell
For there is nothing but that left
My soul is hers and she can never return
It is hers for all time
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Light and Shadow
The light brakes the horizon
But not to shine upon my heart
Emotion frozen
Nothing to feel
Till someone comes to warm them
To touch and feel
Love and hold
The light may shine all around
But shadows cover me
Till the day
My love takes away the canopy
And shows my heart to feel again
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
The bell
The bell doth sound
Not the hour
But events in life
Good and ill
What shall be
To you
For us
We never know
Till the bell rings
And we see what fortune calls forth
Good or ill
What shall it be
To bring
Or take
What shall the next toll bring
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
So shows the pride filled heart
To watch its love walk away
Never to return
To thrive on its own
Feelings given to the wind
To take where it goes
But not all
The rest bottled up
Most certainly to never again see the light of day
Nothing more keeps them than hopes and dreams
That shall never seen fulfilled
On through life
Not knowing what could have been
Never tring to find that knowelege
Pride wont allow
That dangerous emotion
With many wins out
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Good tidings come
As do ill
Some know little of the good
And others the ill
As the time of day they fly
With a grain of salt you must take all that come to you
One way
Or the other
For nothing is certain
Till all is over
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
The Wind
Where am I going
Like the wind I go
Not where I please
But where I am taken
Here to there
There to here
Life's path goes to and fro
No one knows where they shall flow
Today in this place
Tomarrow that place
Like the wind
We cannot know
Where the wind blows
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 0 0
Why must we be like this
Miles apart
Our hearts next to one and other
Seeming as though beating as one
One for the other
So far yet so close together
Neither can let go
Of the love that was held
To go on our own ways
Wanting to be together
But distance wont permit
Distance the killer of love
:iconwolfinthenight:WolfintheNight 1 0


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Harley Dale Crader
United States
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